Gardener's Scrub

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A super soap for scrubbing dirty hands.  This stuff is packed with smooth and natural poppy seeds to dig at caked on dirt.  It is also infused with lots of orange oil - great at releasing grease from the skin so not only farmers, ranchers, and gardener's but mechanics, well drillers, excavaters, you name a dirty job and this soap will scrub those messes right up.  There are more essential oils added to help repel biting insects while working outside.  Natural clay has been added to absorb moisture and help preserve the soap.  We call it Gardener's Scrub because it is made with everything you would find in a garden.  Basil, Squash Seed, Clay, Poppy Seeds, Oranges, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, ...... there is more, but you get the idea!  


Our base is made with 100% pure: olive oil, coconut oil, gmo-free canola oil, pure water, sodium hydroxide... and to this all the lovelies above are mixed including bentonite clay, essential oils, poppy seeds, roasted squash seed oil and pulp.