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This soap is exclusively labeled  and specially priced (shipping is included in the cost) for the Uncle Bruce Stock Market Gang Find him on YouTube daily as our fearless leader explains stocks and covered-call option writing in plain English. Uncle Bruce is a friend of ours and promotes our company tirelessly. He is a wonderful human with quick wit and loads of charm. His rants keep us entertained daily. We are happy to be part of his loyal 'Bagel Familia'.  As promised live on his show we are offering a special promotion. Soaps ordered here will be specially labeled and are not part of our regular offerings. If you stumbled onto this listing please give him a listen, if you are part of the gang WELCOME! And thank you so very much for all of your support! We are a brand ready to go national and hope you follow along as we grow.

Bagel Gang, 

There is so much talk of the Cashmere Bar Soap I am making it the official soap of the channel, Stock Markets With Bruce. After all, it does have the word 'Cash' in it! Your soap is available here with special pricing built in. Every label will be specially printed with tag lines like 'Cleaning up with Uncle Bruce' and some sort of link to his channel. Hand these out to your friends as a great gift and a great tip.